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99 Mercury Villager: V6..Factory..Compressor shaft seal was leaking

Customer Question

99 Mercury Villager V6. Factory front & rear ac. Compressor shaft seal was leaking very bad. Changed comp' & accum & orfice tube too. Blows cold in the morning. 30/240 at idle. In the afternoon when outside temps rise a/c not cold at idle. 60/240. Cooling fan comes on at 240psi. When you rev motor high side goes to 350-400 & comp will start to squeal. We did evac & recharge as we thought it was overcharged the first time. System calls for 3.5lbs. we added 3.5 the first time & then 3.0 the second time but head pressure climbs with 2.5 lbs.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  ASEtech replied 8 years ago.
The orafice tube is clogged again. Take the system apart and completely flush it out. You have debries floating around in the tubing wich probably ruined the new compressor.

Sorry to hear about your troubles, we live and learn.

It is also possible that you got a bad replacement compressor.

Either way you will have to do it again and flush the system out with a cleaning agent.

Thanks for choosing JustAnswer,
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
If the orfice tube is clogged should'nt the low side go in to a vacuum? I have 60-65 psi on low side.
I just recovered the system & pulled the tube & it is clean with no sign of debris.
In the morning it blows cold air & has acceptable head pressure & the accum' is sweating like a bad boy.

Expert:  ASEtech replied 8 years ago.
What kind of refirgerant are you using?

Im sure you know that if the compressor starts to squeel it is the belt slipping. This symptom suggests that the compressor is seizing or the pressure is too high for the belt to maintain grip.

Besides at 400psi the high side pressure switch should kick open and release the compressors magnetic clutch. somthing is wrong there, either with the guage or the question. Check to see if that switch is shorted out.

I think you may have a bunk compressor.

Is the belt seated on the pulley right?