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2003 cadillac deville: garage..trunk release stop ok

Customer Question

I have a 2003 Cadallic Deville DHS. All at once my garage door opener, fuel door, and trunk release stop working. Everything else seems to work ok. I checked the fuses, but could find no problems. The fuel door and trunk release fuses appears to be some kind of mini solonoid. Since all three stopped at the same time, is there another fuse that controls all? Any help would be appreciated..
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  John replied 8 years ago.


There are a couple of fuses that operate these accessories.

The underhood fuse block : ALDL fuse - 10 amp

Right side of the engine compartment

The rear fuse block : body fuse -15 amp

Left rear of the passenger compartment, under the rear seat.

The components you mentioned use these 2 fuses for power source.Check the fuses & the component wiring.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
John, thank you for the prompt reply. I checked the under hood fuse block for an ALDL 10 amp fuse, but cannot find one. My manual lists all of the fuses by number and what they control. No ALDL or northing starts with those letters. In the rear fuse box I did find the body fuse, 15 amp but it was ok. Any other suggestions??
Expert:  John replied 8 years ago.
The next step is to remove the fuel door or trunk release & check for voltage at these switches when system is activated.The schematics that I am looking at are GM dealer,but they do make mistakes in printing.I would use a 12 volt test lamp & test all fuses in both locations(easier to find out now that chasing your tail).The next step requires a scan tool that will read body functions & output controls from the body computer module.