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Rear disk rotors to badly score in the first 20,000 miles of a new car

Resolved Question:

Is it normal for rear disk rotors to badly score in the first 20,000 miles of a new car? (Mercedes)
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Ted G. replied 8 years ago.
The new formulation of brake pads is really tough on rotors. On many cars-Mercedes included we are seeing the need to replace rotors everytime the pads are replaced. Asbestos is no longer used in the pads so different formulations of metal, ceramic, and exotic materials are used for the pads now, they tend to chew up rotors much more than the older pads did.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
That makes sense. Nowever 20,000 miles seems too short a life. Especially since the front rotors are in excellent shape. Please comment on the expected life of brakes.
Expert:  Ted G. replied 8 years ago.
20k is not unusual in this area (Metro DC) in fact that is pretty good. The way the bias is set up on the braking system with ABS and all wheel disc brakes the rear tend to wear as fast or sometimes faster than the frt brakes. It used to be the rear brakes would last 3 -4 times longer than fronts, but the manufacturers have made the rear brakes more equal to keep the ABS working well, so now they wear as much or more than the fronts. The trade off is much better, safer braking.
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