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Can a catylitic converter melt?

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Can a catylitic converter melt?
HI there!The substrate inside the converter can melt.This normally happens when raw fuel enters the converter.The heat inside the converter burns the raw fuel and the temps inside get over 1,500 degrees and will melt the insides.This normally caused by a misfire that allows the raw gas to enter the converter.Hope this helps!Thanks
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The part midas replace was an aftermarket part they stated they could not get the original part because Hyundai parts are on a closed market. Is it possible that this caused the other problems I have had since it was replaced the first part of September?
Cutting the pipe should not have anything to do with the crank sensor going bad.I think from the description,the other converter may have been bad as well.The O2 sensor reads the amount of oxygen after the converter.They may have been fooled,thinking the O2 sensor was bad,when in reality the converter wasn't cleaning the exhaust so they were getting a bad reading from the O2 sensor.As for the cost and number of converters.There are most likley 2 converters.A front and a rear converter.Midas could replace the rear one with a universal.The front one I believe is part of the exhaust manifold.This is whthe price is so high.Not only the part,but the labor to replace it is much higher then the one midas did.If it was a front O2 sensor that had failed it could contribute to the converter meltdown.But from the description the pipe being cut has little to do with the problem.Hope this makes sense,and please reply if needed.Thanks
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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Thank you that does make sense. It just has been a very costly month for me. Hopefully there are not any other suprises awaiting with sensors or meltdowns on this car. Pat
You are very welcome!I know it can get confusing and costly.Sometimes it's easier to understand and explain from here then in the shop with all of the distractions.Sometimes the service writers don't know what they are talking about either.They are salesmen and not techs.