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2002 PT Cruiser misfire #3 and multiple. Replaced Plugs, Wires,

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2002 PT Cruiser misfire #3 and multiple. Replaced Plugs, Wires, and Coil Pack. Compression on each Cylinder is #1 190, #2 85, #3 90, and #4 185 I still have problem can you help me to understand what I need to do please
The head gasket is blown between cylinder 2 and 3. This is evidence of the compression in the 2 middle cylinders being 1/2 of what it is in the other cylinders. The compression is pushing out into the other cylinder. You can prove this by bringing one of the sylinders to TDC on compression stroke, and blowing compressed air in it.. while listening at the other cylinder.. (both spark plugs will have to be out of course).. You will hear the air blowing into the other cylinder.

This is not necessarily a leak that will make the engine overheat, because is most likely not blown at a water jacket...yet.

BotXXXXX XXXXXne, it needs a head gasket. If you need instructions for the repair, just let me know.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Mechanic says even if head gasket is problem I should still have the head machined and Valves redone
Wouldn't be a bad idea, but.. All it needs right now is a head gasket. You can take it off, and look at the condition of the valves and seats while it is off. Not saying the valve job would be a complete waste of time and money, but.. if it ain't broke.. don't fix it.. right? Now if the head is making noise and there is some clattering going on in there, then the valve job would definately be a good idea.

Anyways, at least it would be a good idea to put valve stem seals on it, if nothing else, while the head is off. This will help ensure that oil doesn't leak down the stem into the cylinders.
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