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I have a 1999 Chrysler 300M. The overhead interior lights will

Resolved Question:

I have a 1999 Chrysler 300M. The overhead interior lights will not turn on and I need to find out if it's the bulbs or something else. How do I get that panel off to check the lights? It appears to have one screw which I took out, and the back pulls up a little but the front will not budge. I do not want to break it so I left it alone but I really need to get it off to check the light bulbs. Please inform me of what to do.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Aces Automotive replied 9 years ago.
Just pull straight down to release the retaining clips. Sometimes the clips are real tight but the screw you took out is the only one that holds that cousol up. To reinstall you just push the counsol back up untill the clips "click" into place and reinstall the 1 screw.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yeah I actually figured that out shortly after I posted the question and didn't know how to delete the question. I went to ebay and searched for a replacement overhead console and found one. Got to see there is about 8 spots where it appears it would slide on to and off of by pulling.

But I suppose I could ask another question I could pay you for. I just bought this car a few days ago so I'm not familiar with the stuff and what could be the problems.

As you should know the driver seat has a memory setting for seat position as well as heated seat buttons. Well, You can't erase the memory setting for the seat but you can change it.

The only problem is I followed the directions and it will not set. There is obviously a problem but it's funny to me. Reason being, There is #1 and #2 seat settings next to the hi/lo heated seat button.

Seat #1 button does nothing, Like it's burnt out or something but shouldn't be the problem as seat #2 button works and they are on the same piece. But seat #2 will not set to anything other than the previous drivers settings. Follow the directions as specified but that doesnt work.

Point was, How can button #1 not work and button #2 work when they are wired on the same piece? What can the problem be? and the heated seat button doesn't work either. S0 heated button and #1 seat setting doesn't work but everything else does that's electric on the seat.

Also, The two back windows will not roll down. I think if it was the motors which are on seperate ones for the rear windows, I wouldn't hear the motor running when I click the electric window button up or down from the main front controls or the seperate back controls.

So why would I hear the motors running when pushing the window button if the motors are burnt out? Does that make sense?
Expert:  Aces Automotive replied 9 years ago.

There is a memory seat module that controlls all the functions of the memory seats on both front seats. It is located under the drivers front seat. This module uses the inputs from the seat switch to accuate different settings. The switch accually just acts as a sensor for the input to the module. When you pudriver 1 or driver 2 the resistance to that sense circut to the module changed and the module adjusts the seat accordingly. That same module also controlls the heated seats, you could have a problem within the module. Keep in mind, the memory seat module also uses inputs from the keyless entry remotes to differ 1 from 2. If the remotes are not programmed properly to the module and 1 or 2 position it may hinder the operation of the memory seat system.


As far as the rear windows go, if you hear the motors running when you hit the switch and the windows dont move, there is only one thing it can be. The window regulators have come apart and are not transfering the motion of the motor to the window. In that case the motor/regulator assembly should be replaced. These days all regulators come with motors already on them so its a pretty simple job.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Yes, I know the keyless entry has a programmed function for the seat settings button #1 and #2. I use key #2 and it has been programmed and works as it should but I can't seem to get it to reset to my settings when I follow the book directions. Something is wrong.

Seat button #1 when I use key #1 will not set and does nothing. As you should know it shows #1 and #2 on the radio when you select one. It never shows anything for #1 when I press the button, The seat doesn't move and will not set on the #1 button.

and yes the heated seat button doesn't work as well. So it's a problem with the module? Could it all be something else?

As in windows in the rear, the overhead interior light, and the heated seat function and seat memory, None of it works except for the #2 seat setting but will not set to anything other than it's previous setting. I followed the easy step by step directions on how to reset the seat to my settings but it just doesn't work. So it's not a mess up on my part.

The rest of the power seat buttons work for this seat.

and how hard it is to buy and install motor/regulator for each back window? I've never done any of that before. So I'm a complete beginner with that.

and is all this expensive or not? The window regulators and seat module?

and as I said, Could it all possibly be something else? As in the wiring that's causing all the problems at once from one seperate thing?

I really appreciate your help and time. I just got this car and maybe I made a bad buy with these problems.

One more thing you may know. When I turn the car on and start the A/C and then turn it off, For a few seconds I can hear a sound coming from the front. Like somethig is running, Like a motor, and then it stops. Is that normal?

Expert:  Aces Automotive replied 9 years ago.

Hey Josh, It definately sounds like the module may be bad on your car. I can't say for sure without having the car here to check out but that is the most likely cause.

The window regulators are not that bad to replace. Remove the door pannel and unbolt the window from the regualtor. Then you just unplug the motor, unbolt the regulator and wiggle it out as an assembly.

The noise your hearing in the front of the car is probably the electric cooling fan. That fan is going to run any time the ac pressure reaches a certain pressure. It will stay on untill the pressure drops to a low threshhold even after you shut the ac off. This is normal.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Ok just a few closing out questions.

#1. Stupid question, But how do you get the door panel off? lol

#2. How much will it cost me to have the module for the seat replaced by a professional? Rough estimate.

#3. I know you said it's normal for that sound and probably the cooling fan when I turn the A/C on, But I can just start the car and turn the A/C on for 2 seconds and turn it off and hear that sound. That's still normal for the cooling fan to come on only after a few seconds of running the A/C?

and last, If it's not the bulbs for the overhead lights then what could it be? It's probably just the bulbs as all the other options in that overhead panel work as they sould but just incase. Bad wires?

Oh yeah one more thing. How can I fix a small pretty much hair line 5 inch crack in my dash? As you know it's not a plastic dash but more like a hard cushioned leather. Just use leather treatment?

I appreciate all the advice as I'm not real familiar with working/fixing these type things in the car. I do not think I have any other questions and when you reply and I get back on I'll click accept and pay you. I'll check back later in the afternoon or early tonight.

Thanks again,
Expert:  Aces Automotive replied 9 years ago.

Hey Josh, Those pannels are pretty straight forward to get off. Just remove the trim screws and pull the pannel outward at the bottom. The retaining clips will release and the pannel will pivot out. Thel lift the pannel upward to seperate it from the door.


The module is going to cost you a few hundred bucks. The module itself wil be a couple of hundred then and hour or so labor to take out the seat and replace it.


Alot of vehicles have the logic programmed in that the fans come on as soom as the compressor engages. The computer would rather run the fans too often than not often enough. I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Ok, Thanks for the info. You did forget to comment on the overhead lights I asked about in my last message along with the crack in the dash.

Did you overlook those or just do not have an answer?
Expert:  Aces Automotive replied 9 years ago.

Hey, sorry about that. The bulbs on the coucol probably are burned out. When you take the out look at the bulb sockets to make sure they didn't melt.


You can try leather repair on the dash but it won't look right. The only way to fix that the right way is replace it, which is a huge and expensive job.


Hope I helped with everything, good luck.

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