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Car way home I noticed the odometer read 190 miles

Resolved Question:

Purchased a car yesterday and all the paperwork that we completed stated the car had 27 mile on it. On my way home I noticed the odometer read 190 miles do I have any recourse?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  William B replied 9 years ago.
HeyCustomerthanks for the question,

Well naturally there are going to be some miles put on the car after it is built and deliveried to you the first owner. The 27 miles as listed by the salesman may have been the mileage when the dealership first got the vehicle off of the transport truck and was listed on their paperwork. Now maybe the car was on the lot for awhile and the car wash people drove it up to the car wash detail shop and back out onto the lot, so now there is more than 27 miles on the car. The new cars all get a PDI, pre-delivery inspection, where a technician checks to make sure everything is working right and he drives it out for a test drive to make sure there is no problems, so more miles are put on. Then because it was for sale, maybe a potential buyer showed up and wanted to drive it "around the block" or out onto the highway for a test drive, now it has even more miles on it. Then you show up and decide to purchase the car, so again it driven up to be cleaned up for delivery to you, again more miles are put on. By now the car has more than 27 miles on it and you notice that there are 190 miles on it when you are driving home, How many miles were you from the dealership? Did you put on 10 or 20 miles before you noticed the mileage?

I guess what I am saying, and believe me I worked at a new car dealership where some of the new cars on the lot had a couple hundred miles on them before the car was actually sold to someone, it is not that odd or unusual for the car to have a hundred miles or more before it is purchased. The warranty is not effected by this and I am sure the salesman did not try do anything out of the ordinary, it just had a few more miles on it than it did when the dealership took delivery of the car off of the transport truck.

I am not sure what happened at the dealership, that is between you and them, but if they did not let you or anyone else test drive the new cars before purchase, so that they could keep the cars mileage at 27 miles, then I would not look at or even purchase a car that I could not first test drive, so while I understand your concern, I also realize that these new cars need to be moved around the lot and test driven by potenial buyer before they are actually sold and driven home by the first owner like yourself.
Many states have different rules on retuning of new cars, but by enlarge once you sign the paperwork you agree to purchase the car. You can always call the state of Florida Attorney General, that number is(NNN) NNN-NNNN according to my records or online of course.

Talk to the salesmanager and see if maybe you can get a free oil change or something, but do not expect to buy any brand new car with zero miles on it because that will not happen.

Congratulations on your purchase of a fine automobile and enjoy the car.

Hope this helps. Click "accept" for payment. All bonuses and feedback appreciated!
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