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2006 xlr: owners manual..trunk..correct position..the fob

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i just bought a 2006 xlr and the owner's manual is being sent to me this week so i don't have it yet. my son tried to put the top down but stopped part way b/c the trunk divider was not in the correct position. now the top is not secured but the trunk is closed and neither will open using the fob or the buttons in the car. can someone help me?
WelcomeCustomer What position did you put the cargo divider in when this message was displayed?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
it is flat because we have things in the trunk. i cannot get into the trunk to remove the items and place the divider in it's correct position so the top will move.

OK. Here is the section in the owners manual that has instructions for closing the top manually. You may only need to get it to move enough to secure the cargo divider, if not you need to move it all the way up. Good luck and please ask if I can help you more.

Manually Raising the Retractable Hardtop

If your vehicle has a power loss, such as a dead battery, you can still raise the top manually by doing the following:

  1. Lower both sun visors and open both doors.
  2. Use the key to open the trunk. See Keys and Trunk for more information.
  3. Raise the trunk by hand.
  4. Remove the wrench located inside the passenger's side storage compartment.
    Object Number: 954937  Size: A2

    Find the hydraulic pump under the carpet on the rear driver's side of the trunk. Open the valve by turning it counterclockwise with your hand until it stops.

    Notice: Pressing the retractable hardtop button when the hydraulic pump valve is open could damage the pump. Always close the hydraulic pump valve after the retractable hardtop has been closed manually.

    Object Number: 954942  Size: B3

  5. Pull both sides of the rear tonneau over-center link down to unlock the linkage.
    Object Number: 954951  Size: B3

  6. Move the rear tonneau rearward and up to the stored position. Pull from the center of the tonneau to keep pressure even. The rubber bumper on each corner will fit against the underside of the trunk decklid.
    Object Number: 954953  Size: B3

  7. Push both sides of the rear tonneau over-center link up until they stop to lock the linkage.
  8. Close the hydraulic pump valve by turning it clockwise with your hand until it stops.
    Object Number: 954956  Size: B3

  9. Remove the upright center storage compartment. Use the wrench to remove the four screws holding the storage area in place.
    Object Number: 954959  Size: B3

  10. Reach behind the square hole and push the front tonneau over-center link up. The front tonneau should pull up easily. If it does not, push the over-center link up more.
    Object Number: 954961  Size: B3

  11. Manually move the front tonneau to the open position. Once the front tonneau is open, fold the side wings in by gently pressing them in. Do not force the wings. If they are hard to move, make sure the front tonneau is open all the way.
    Object Number: 954963  Size: B2

  12. Reach in from the side of the vehicle and under the top to remove the headliner plug. The plug will be located in the center of the top near the front.
  13. Insert the wrench into the bolt beneath the plug location. Turn the wrench about one-quarter turn counterclockwise until it stops while gently pulling up on the center of the top to release it.
    Object Number: 954970  Size: B3

  14. Hold the top in the front and side and lift the top out of the stored position.
    Object Number: 954973  Size: B3

  15. Hold the top in the front and the rear and lift the top until it is almost closed. Be careful not to pinch your fingers between the rear of the top and the rear window.
    Object Number: 954978  Size: B3

  16. Place your hands on the top and guide the top into the closed position.
    Object Number: 954982  Size: B3

  17. While sitting in the driver's seat, pull down on the rear of the top.
    Object Number: 954992  Size: A2

    While holding the rear of the top down, insert the wrench into the bolt in the plug opening in the headliner. Turn the wrench counterclockwise until it stops to fully open the latch jaws around the pins.

  18. Pull down on the roof with the latch rotated open. Turn the wrench clockwise until it stops to lock the top into position. Push up on the roof. If it moves away from the windshield header it is not latched and you will need to repeat the previous steps.
    Object Number: 954985  Size: B3

  19. From outside the vehicle, push down on both rear corners of the top to make sure it is completely locked into place.
  20. From inside the vehicle, reach behind the headrest and gently pull the wings out a small amount. Then, fold the front tonneau to the closed position.
  21. Manually close the trunk.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
thanks, XXXXX XXXXX don't know how to open the trunk with the key. i can't find a place to put the key in.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
can you tell me how to open the trunk with the key? thanks
Object Number: 928263  Size: A3

If the vehicle has lost battery power, you can still open the trunk using the key.

The key cylinder is located behind a cover on the lower rear fascia on the driver's side of the vehicle. Use the key to pry open the door to access the key cylinder.

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