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Saturn: my 2007 Outlook (..000 miles..Check Engine Soon light came

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I intentionally put E85 in my 2007 Outlook ( with 30,000 miles)because of the huge price difference. I had a quarter tank of regular unleaded in it at the time. I took it to the Saturn dealer the following day for a different reason (Stabilatrak Off light was on for some reason) and the dealer said that the "Check Engine Soon " light came on showing a "lean mixture" hard code ..... and the fuel smelled like E85. OK, I confessed but I had done this a couple of tinmes before at a half tank with no "check engine" light. He drained the E85 and replaced it with regular unleaded followed by an ejector clean for no charge .... bless his heart. So, the question is, what would the E85 have done to the Outlook engine and fuel system short and long term?
Short term and not regularly, nothing but tripping engine codes and less performance. Long term usage can result in major fuel system component failure like fuel pump. fuel lines, seals and injectors. It sounds as if you will be ok this time just try not to mistake it again, Jason
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