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V8..I tryed the firing order on the block and its not working

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What is the correct firing order for an international scout V8. I tryed the firing order on the block and its not working.


Here is the firing order for both V8 engines offered that model year. Hope this helps.


Firing order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2


Front of Vehicle-------2-4-6-8


Distributor rotates clockwise

Customer: replied 8 years ago.

The firing order you gave is the same as on the one on the block. I put the number 1 plug wire in the #1 spot on the distributor cap and the rest in the order going clockwise. the engine will not start or even turn over. When I tried counterclockwise at least the motor would sputter a little. I know this is the issue because the motor would run before I messed with the distributor cap order. Any further information would be great. To clearify I put the #1 plug in the spot with the 1 above it on the cap and the rest in order going left, Clockwise.


How are you determining the #1 position on the cap? Keep in mind the mark on the cap usually is not the #1 position. To find the correct position on the cap you must set the engine at top dead center, remove the cap and where the rotor is pointing is the correct # XXXXX Hope this helps.
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