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Saturn l300: the Ignition Control Module with a NAPA part..ICM

Resolved Question:

Saturn L200 2003. In April I replaced the Ignition Control Module with a NAPA part. Also replaced the Cat because it had burned up before we figured out the ICM problem. In July car would not start at first. (Engine light on), later I could get it to start but acted like the ICM issue previously (chugging engine-no power), so NAPA replaced the part on warranty. 6 weeks later the car is acting the same way? Before I replace the ICM again, is there an issue that could be causing the ICM to expire prematurely?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  CCTMSTR replied 8 years ago.
Possibilities could be a poor ground,poor connector terminal retension,(inter connect),an internal concern with the coil assembly,intermittent wiring.Also remember the aftermarket parts are less expensive due the the internal electronic quality.I always as a rule replace electronic components with OE parts.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
What issues would the coils cause? Previous to the first ICM failure, I had replaced the sparkplugs. As the coils sit on top of the plugs, could there be some issue caused by the re-assembly not being correct? This seems to be a low probability (but you never know). For the poor ground, are you talking the chassis ground?
Expert:  CCTMSTR replied 8 years ago.
Internal coil windings/connections.If the engine drove OK after you replaced the plugs you probably assembled the coil cover correct.As for the ground (G118) is located next to the starter motor on the engine block
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
When pulling the interconnects to the ICM, should I use an electrical contact cleaner before putting them back together? With regard to intermittant wiring, would it cause a temporary or permanent failure in the ICM? Intermittants are pretty hard to find. Is there a chance that another electronic part could be causing similar symptoms?
Expert:  CCTMSTR replied 8 years ago.
The internal electronics are of a less quality than an original equipment part,that's where I think you problem is.Purchase a GM IC module.Don't use contact cleaner .
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