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Acura cl: s driver side door lock..unlock..door handle..disengage

Resolved Question:

our acura cl 3.0's driver side door lock stays locked at all times, the only way to unlock it is to put the key in the door lock outsied and pull the door handle while the key is terned. can you tell me how to fix or disengage the lock til i can fix
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  William B replied 8 years ago.
HeyCustomerthanks for the question,

Assuming all of the other power door locks work ok, the odds are good that the drivers side power door lock solenoid is the problem on your drivers door.

The power lock over ride procedure, turning the key in the door while pulling up on the handle is, (for car makers) a fairly standard way to unlock the car if the power locks fail for some reason.

Naturally the only way to disconnect the power lock on the drivers door would be to remove the door panel and disconnect the power lock solenoid or it's linkage, but then you would still need to use the key to unlock and lock the drivers door.

The professional labor time to replace the drivers door power lock actuator (solenoid) is 1 hour labor and any diagnostic time shop might charge. The price of the part for the drivers door lock actuator is about $120 or so dollars, depending on where you live and any taxes that might apply.

If you can verify that the lock actuator is getting electrical power but is not moving or working, then you can be fairly certain the lock actuator is the problem. It would be a dealer item only and it may need to be ordered.

Hope this helps. Click "accept" for payment. Let me know if you have any other questions. All bonuses and feedback appreciated!
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