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I have a 2001 saturn sc and i am having an electrical problem with.

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i have a 2001 saturn sc and i am having an electrical problem with. My taillights are out, my license plate lights are out and my instrument panel lights are out need help
Not saying that you missed something on the fuses, but would suggest that you check them again. The brown wire is also the hot wire for the tail lamps as well. If you fixed the front park lamps, you may still have a broken connection or wire in the brown wire to the tail lamps, or a bad fuse. It should be in the interior fuse box. I am sending you a copy of the wiring diagram for it in hope that will help you, thanks.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
hey sorry it took so long for me to reply. i didnt get the link for the wiring diagram. you can send it directly to my email address [email protected] i appreciate this very much and will pay you for your time.

Sorry, we have been having issues with the web site the last couple of days. I will try it again. Wish I could send it direct to your e mail, but that is against terms of service for JA and I would not have a job very long if I did. Only contact has to be on site. This one is for a coupe, if you have other, advise and will send. Thanks




Object Number: 875355  Size: FP
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
could you possibly send me the I/P wire diagram also. i checked power at the i/p connector and have power ther on the orange wire and the brown wire(both checked to ground) all lights other than the couple over the tach and the speedo work. could there be a faulty ground in the panel?

I doubt a bad ground in the panel would keep the tail lamps from working. If you have power out of the switch to them, you would just about have to have either a bad ground on the tail lamp circuit or a break in the power wire between the switch and the rear lamp sockets. Did you notice that the other diagram shows the front park light fuse as under the hood in that fuse box, but it shows the tail lamp fuse as being in the instrument panel fuse box? Below is the only other diagram they offer, except for one for back up lamps.






Object Number: 875348  Size: FP
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you Bob. you have helped out alot. i did know that the parking fuse is under the hood but did not see the tail light fuse in the I/P fuse block and i did check all of the fuses there and they are all good. do you know what would explain my 2 i/p lights being out?
If the instrument panel and tail lamps are both in op, I would be sure I checked that fuse with a test light and not just by looking at it, as I think it feeds both circuits. If you are getting power to the fuse, that tells us the switch is working, but you may want to check the rehostate on the switch to see if it brightens and dims when you move the dash lights from bright to dim. Only other thing I can think of is a broken wire in the circuit that is common to the dash and tail lights. I am going to see if I can find anything that shows the dash lights (diagram) and any thing that they may have in common wiring wise with the tail lamps. Will let you know what I find either way. Thanks

This first diagram I'm sending is of the lights that can be dimmed, like the radio, dash, etc. Also wondering if any of the lights that do dim are working. I understand the dash lamps do not, but wonder about the lights in the radio or heater AC control panels etc?


Interior Lights Dimming Schematics


Object Number: 875747  Size: FP

This next one may be the same that I sent before, but it is for a sedan not a coupe. I notice that the tail light wire is still brown. If you can find voltage anyplace in the system going to that wire, we have a broken wire. Running out of idea fast. Is the car a coupe or a sedan? Is it an SC1 or an SC2, just in case there are differences in the wiring harnesses? Thanks



Object Number: 875350  Size: FP

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
my dimmers do not work or dim anything. also my chime to tell the lights are on when door is open does not work. the car is a coupe sc1

I have asked a couple of other fellows to look at your problem to see if they have any other input or ideas. The trouble chars from Saturn keep saying the same thing, open circuit between lamps and the instrument panel fuse box. It really is not much help. But we may end up needing to connect it to a scan tool to see what we come up with. There is always the possibility of a problem with the body control module or even a back feed from the daytime running lamps. I hope to hear from some of these other fellows soon. But below is what it says in the manual.



Park, marker and tail lamps inoperative.

The scan tool is connected. Turn the head lamp switch to the Park position, and observe the park lamp input on the scan tool. Is the input ON? If yes, faulty IPFB. If no, disconnect the headlamp connector. Connect a fused jumper between circuit 240 and circuit 9. Does the input on the scan tool change to ON? If yes, faulty connections or headlamp switch. If no, open circuit 9 between the headlamp switch and IPFB.

Also got a note from another fellow who seems to think if the dimmer switch for the panel lamps is moved all of the way in one direction or the other, that doing so may shut the dinnger for the ignition switch reminder off. You may want to check on that too, thanks
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
do you know where i can get a scan tool?
Not sure about where you live, but out here some of the larger auto parts stores will rent them to you. Auto Zone is one that has them. Be sure it is a class 2 scanner as a regular code reader won't work on the modules you need to access. It has to be like the Tech 2 that the dealers use. A regular scanner is only good for engine and emission codes and you need to be able to run function tests on the body module. If you find one, let me know and I may be able to copy the test procedure from the manual for you.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
hey thanks again for your time and help im sorry i havent in contact sooner. your feedback helped out alot, i finaly got my car done for the most part. still no dash lights but i will just wire something up.
Well, I am happy to have helped. Thanks for the accept and the bonus. Not to mention the feedback. Also thank you for using JA. Hope the rest of the project goes well for you.