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Saturn: the clutch master cylinder seems to slip once and a wile

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I have an 02 saturn sc1 and the clutch master cylinder seems to slip once and a wile. I have a after market clutch in it that has a heavier load than stock


when you replaced master/slave , did you put in a stock setup of high performance setup to match your clutch? ..jeffrey590

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
no because I cant find one for it all I can find is oem ones none say there a heavier load
OK...Heres what to do....odds are there is air trapped somewhere in the system...even if its a few tiny bubbles,it will still give you an intermittent slippage like you are describing...If a high performance system isn't available , OEM will have to do...You are going to need to use a pressure bleeder to get all the air out of the system....If you dont have one you need to either borrow it or take your car to someone who has one...I have seen many cases where gravity bleeding and /or pumping the pedal to bleed dont get 100% of the air out...Saab ,Saturn , VW ,etc. all have issues with this bleeding procedure....If your parts are all new , which they are , then they are not failing(bypassing) internally , so trapped air is all thats left...perform bleed procedure as I have specified and your problem will be solved...If I can be of further assistance please let me know...jeffrey590
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the system doesnt have a bleeder valve
Has to have a bleeder....If it is using a sealed system that isnt serviceable , then the unit is info sources all show bleed procedure for this vehicle...jeffrey590
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