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Mitsubishi Eclipse: sporadically..My mechanic..compressor

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I have an 03 Mitsubishi Eclipse, a manual. The a/c has been working sporadically for the past month. My mechanic said it was the compressor. I didn''t believe him, so I took it to someone else. He thought it could be the RPM Sensor, but in testdriving found that my clutch was gone. He put in a new clutch. Of course the car has much more power now, but the a/c problem still exists. Here''s what happens: at the beginning of the day, the a/c works really well, almost too well. All of a sudden (usually about 1/2 hour into a drive) the light starts to blink, but first I notice that inside the car gets really humid and starts to warm up. Once the light blinks the a/c doesn''t work at all. Sometimes, if I stop and park for 10-30 minutes, when I start the car again the a/c works for about 10 minutes before the same thing happens again. If it''s really hot out, the a/c seems to stop faster. I have been told that it may be a sensor, or that it may be electical???? Help please.
Hi, Doc here, Car expert. I agree that the sensor is to blame. Here is how to test that sensor when the a/c quits.graphic
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Doctor Automotive's Post: Thanks for your quick response. So, just to clarify, if I bring the diagram you sent with the specs to my mechanic....this should solve the problem? Is this the "RPM Sensor" which one mechanic talked about?
Yes, and the a/c lite blinks when the signal is interrupted.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Doctor Automotive's Post: Hey Doc: Thanks so much for your responses. I can't wait to bring the car back to the mechanic who told me that it was the compressor. Hopefully, this will be the end of the problem. I trust your expertise. Thanks for cooling me down again!
If I can assist further let me know.