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Tim West
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1999 626: While driving down the highgway (cruise control..rpms..smoke

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1999 626: While driving down the highgway (cruise control on), I noticed the O/D OFF light flashing. I pushed the O/D control button once and the RPMs shot up for a second, then I pushed the button again and the engine returned to normal. I pulled off at the next exit and saw smoke.   I lifted the hood and saw fluid all over the bell housing and engine compartment. What do I do next?
Whats size is the engine?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Tim West's Post: 4 Cyl. (1.9L?)
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
A Technical Service Bulletin exists for some 1999-2001 models. TSB 05-005/02 deals with one specific circumstance: after extended highway driving, the O/D off light is blinking and code P1783 is set (excessive ATF temperature). Occasionally there will be overflow through the dipstick tube and harsh shifting. Mazda's recommended fix is to replace the radiator and to install an auxiliary cooler for the transmission. Note that this is not an extension to the standard factory warranty.
Okay, this code can mean a couple things.

The definition of P1783 is transmission fluid over temperature.
This can mean the transmission fluid is over filled. OR this means the temperature of the fluid is too hot.
I would not recommend changing out the fluid, unless you took it to a specialty shop, capable of transmission work. Changing fluids unless previously properly maintained, has been known to cause more problems than it could fix. Just add enough to top it off.

And For the heat issue, you are right on the money Matt. You need to be sure when filling the fluid, only fill it up to the bottom hash mark. That is a common mistake resulting in this problem.

I fell like I should pay you! lol
Oh do you want a copy of the TSB?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Tim West's Post: Yes please! I can't afford for this car to fall apart on me.   I bought it to replace a '97 Dodge Neon (Rear Main Seal leaking oil out block/bell housing and into starter) and I gotta have a aride to work...
061234 Here you go
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