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landrover_guy, journeyman mechanic
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Experience:  18 years current underhood experiance light , line and heavy.all makes
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2001 El: trunk lid..latch..I checked the fuses in the trunk

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My wife''s 2001 El Dorado trunk lid won''t shut. The latch isn''t closing. I checked the fuses in the trunk for the pull motor and they were fine. I installed new fuses just to be sure. Do you know what''s wrong?
does this eldorado have the automatic power latch. in otherwords when you close it it pulls down by itself. if it does

then the latch motor is broken youll need to replace the whole assembly

if on the other hand its just a quick latch verify that the lock pawl.. isnt jambed in the down position sometimes you can pull up on it with some plyers and it will dissengage
to an open position provideing it isnt actualy broken have someone activate the button at the same time you pull on the pawl, then make sure if it does unlatch make sure you clean it and you lube it up with white lithium greese it may just fix it .

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to landrover_guy's Post: I found out today the answer I got was wrong. All we needed was a new switch. Looks like I paid for the wrong information. Any guaranty on answers?
hmm i wish that were my area, a switch was certainly a better way to go, i think there was the understanding you checked that so i went down the line. to the bigger problem .. at least perscieved .

is there anything else i can help you with id be glad to do your next problem for free..