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manual transmission diagram 4 kia sportage 2001 5 speed and ...

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manual transmission diagram 4 kia sportage 2001 5 speed and how to remove trans

Hi my name is John.


NOTICE: All photos are of the 4X4 Sportage. The 4X2 Sportage is similar (unless otherwise noted).

  1. Disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal.
  2. Remove the rear portion of the center console:
    1. Remove the two screws from the sides of the rear center console.
    2. Raise the emergency brake handle.
    3. Remove the center console.
  1. Unscrew and remove the knob from the shift lever and the transfer lever (4X4 only)


.Remove the three screws from the front section of the center console. Slide the boots for the shift lever and transfer lever over the levers and remove the console


  1. Remove the dust cover plate by removing five nuts and one bolt.
  2. Remove the shift lever:
    1. Separate the shift lever bracket from the transmission housing by removing four bolt
    2. Tilt the shift lever bracket back to allow acc to the shift linkage.
    3. Remove the clip from one end of the link pin attaching the shift lever to the control rod extension.
    4. Remove the pin from the shift lever and separate the lever from the control rod extension


  1. Remove the transfer lever (4X4 only):
    1. Remove five bolts.
    2. Remove the transfer lever.
    3. Remove the clip from the vehicle speed sensor cable.
  1. Raise the vehicle and support it with safety stands.
  2. Remove the oil level/filler plug and transmission drain plug. Drain the transmission oil into a suitable container.
  3. Remove the transfere case plug and drain the transfer case oil into a suitable container (4X4 only)


  1. Mark both mating flanges at each end of the front and rear driveshafts for alignment reference during reinstallation.
  2. Remove he front driveshaft by removing four bolts at the front differential and four bolts at the transfer case (4X4 only).
  3. Remove the rear driveshaft:
    1. 4X4 - Remove four bolts at the rear differential flange and four bolts at the transfere case flange.
    2. 4X2 - Remove four bolts at the rear differential flange, and two bolts at the center support Pull driveshaft out of tailshaft housing.
  1. Disconnect the back-up light switch connector, the 4WD indicator switch connector (4X4), and the vehicle speed sensor connector. Remove the wiring harness from its clips and move it out of the way


  1. Remove the crankshaft position sensor from the transmission housing:
    1. Remove one bolt and pull the sensor straight out from the housing.
    2. Move the sensor aside. Caution: Do not disconnect the clutch line


Remove two bolts from the clutch release cylinder and carefully move the assembly aside


  1. Remove the front exhaust pipe bracket:
    1. Remove two bolts from the transmission housing.
    2. Remove one bolt from the exhaust pipe hanger.
  1. Remove five lower front transmission housing bolts.
  2. Remove the transfer case side mount (4X4 only):
    1. Remove two nuts at the chassis.
    2. Remove two bolts at the transfer case.
  1. Support the transmission assembly, including the transfer case on the 4X4, with a transmission jack.
  2. Remove the transmission crossmember:
    1. Remove four bolts at each end of the crossmember.
    2. Remove two bolts securing the transmission mount to the transmission


  • Remove the three bolts holding the starter to the front housing. NOTICE: One of the bolts has an electrical ground wire attached. Do not disconnect the starter wires or remove the starter from the engine.
  • Secure the transmission assembly, including transfer case on the 4X4, to the transmission jack at the center of the rear cover to ensure proper balancing of the unit when lowering.
  • Remove the remaining clutch housing bolts and then remove the transmission, including the transfer case on the 4X4, from the vehicle
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    supertech and 4 other Car Specialists are ready to help you
    Customer: replied 9 years ago.
    Relist: I still need help.
    i jammed the trans to 3rd when stuck i lost 3rd the shiffter is loose i can shift to other gears then it gets stuck in the gear like 5th i have to wiggle the shifter around for it to get un stuck did i bend shiffting fork.
    It sound like you might have bent a rail and or fork.
    supertech and 4 other Car Specialists are ready to help you

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