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96 bonneville: new light..light code

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ive got a 96 bonneville that won''t start new battery but the security light keeps flashing ive been told I need to reset the security code so how do I reset it?
Your car does not use a securtiy system that can be reset. Most of the newer gm cars utilize that type of system. Your car uses a pelletized resistor in the key. This system is called a VATS system. Everytime you cycle the ignition from off to on, the engine control module verifies that the correct resistance is in the key. If for any reason the key is not being read, you will have the problem you are having. This system requires a special tool called an interrogator to properly diagnose. I would verify that the key is clean and that the terminals where you insert the key are making contact. This would be the first step in diagnosing this problem. I can tell you that a real common problem with this theft system is the ignition cylinder. The ignition cylinder has two small wires that come out the backside and ruyn down the column. These wires purpose is to read the key through the cylinder upon every start. The problem with these are that over time, they have a tendency to break from the on/off motion of the key cylinder. If these wires break, they will not be able to read the correct resistance and can leave your car inoperable as yours is. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Good luck!
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