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where is the starter located on a 97 saturn

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The starter on your saturn is located on the rear side of the engine. This is best accessible from the bottom of the car up. Here is an illustration of the location.

Object Number: 870656  Size: SH

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable.

    Caution: Ensure that the vehicle is properly supported and squarely positioned. To help avoid personal injury when a vehicle is on a hoist, provide additional support for the vehicle on the opposite end from which the components are being removed.

  • Jack or raise the vehicle on a hoist.
    Object Number: 870595  Size: SH

    Notice: Always spray the starter solenoid electrical connections with penetrating oil prior to removing the nuts. Use extreme care to prevent cracking the solenoid end-cap, which will allow moisture to corrode the solenoid contacts.

  • Disconnect the two starter electrical connections and lay the wires aside.
    Object Number: 870606  Size: SH

  • Remove the two starter assembly-to-engine block bolts.
  • Pull the starter rearward, toward the left-hand side of the vehicle for removal.
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