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1995 Subaru Legacy 2.2. Timing belt failed due to Idler ...

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1995 Subaru Legacy 2.2. Timing belt failed due to Idler gear seizing and stripping belt teeth. Replaced Timing belt IAW procedures from Chilton manual. Belt had markings and they lined up exactly. Have compression, spark and fuel. Car wont start and smoke comes from area of MAF sensor when attempting to start. any ideas???
Hi there!If you have smoke coming from the intake and throttle body area then the timing is off.You may actually have the belt on backwards.The timing belt should have a mark to indicate rotation direction.The direction is clockwise.What sometimes happens is you inadvertantly put the arrow pointing the wrong way and that will make the timing off.Hope this helps!Thanks
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
The arrows point clockwise. the pulley marks line up with the notches. the crankshatf mark is at 12 o-clock. the only thing thats different from the book is the pully fork is not directly over the crankshaft position sensor. dont know if that makes a difference. Sorry for the delay in replying this computer locked up on me.
OK.I am going to give you the diagram out of the subaru service manual.It seems that you have a timing issue.Anytime you have compression or ehaust coming out the intake it is a timing problem.I hope this helps you out.I am not sure what you mean by pulley fork.graphic
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to carguy1's Post: Appreciate the diagram. pulley=Cam sproket fork. I notice in the picture that the crankshaft pully is not exactly at 12 o clock. is there a mark somewhere for it.
Yes,just in front of the crank sensor on the oil pump there is a very small notch.There is also a very small dot on the crank pulley.Your keyway should be at the 6 oclock position when the crank is lined up properly
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
OK thats the problem. The chiltons manual said 12 o-clock. I'll re-time using your expertise and the diagram. Carguy1 you have been very helpful! Saved me a bunch.
You are welcome!Let me know if I can be of further assistance! I spent a bunch of years working for the Subaru Dealers!