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Elated Technician
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1995 Saab 900-S: 2.3 eng, convertible, 85,000 mis..serviced..parked

Customer Question

1995 Saab 900-S 2.3 eng, convertible, 85,000 mis. A/C recently checked and serviced. Current status: fresh start after parked overnite and A/C on works fine and continues cooling with engine operating at normal temp. After restarting 20/30 minutes later cooling is not nearly as effective - it improves slightly when crusing at highway speed of 60-65 mph.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Elated Technician replied 9 years ago.


I have had similar experiences with a 1996 Saab 900 in the past. Generally there are two things that go wrong. The first is the expansion valve can be intermittantly faulty and actually shut off most of the refrigerant flow to the evaportator. Next is the a/c compressor contol which mounts to the evaporator can fail. I know there is an updated part that has a digital signal which is more accurate. The fact the issue is intermittant is a little hard to directly diagnose. The best way would be to duplicate the issue with pressure gauges attached.

Since it works slightly better on the highway, the issue could be related to an aux fan relay or fan not working properly.

I know it is a bear to isolate since it is intermittant. The car I was working on luckily failed when I had pressure gauges and I was able to duplicate the issue.

If it were me I would make sure the fans are fully operational and then replace the expansion valve, that is if they can't make it duplicate in the shop.


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Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I've reviewed the problem and your response and
suggestions with the service entity and we both are inclined to seriously follow your suggestion - maybe
One problem that I have with your response is that it varies slightly from my original message to you..
that is, that on freeway at speed the A/C does not
nearly approach it's designed level, though it is
providing some level of coolness.
And in city driving the coolness is performing but
again not at full max.
I may just put this subject aside for some time.
Please disburse the $9.00 fee as scheduled and no doubt I will get back to you again.