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Calais: me with this one

Customer Question

Good Evening Folks! Please help me with this one.. I have VT Calais with an Ecotec V6. Engine runs Perfect!!! But I have a MAJOR PROBLEM... There is Engine Oil getting into the cooling system.. Approximately 1litre in 5000K''s! I don''t believe the problem is Terminal... Because there is No Water getting into the Oil, there are No Bubbles in the radiator... Compression is perfect. Has Anyone come across this Very Unusual Problem... Please Help Me! Charlie.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  TERRY replied 9 years ago.


the only place oil and antifreeze can intecept each other is either the head gaskets or the intake manifold,but usually its the other way around,anti-freeze in the oil. are you sure its oil and not trans fluid. I have seen that a few times. the trans fluid gets into the anti-freeze through the tranny cooler inside the rad. I have once seen oil in the anti freeze and it was the head gasket.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Hi Terry, The oil is definitely engine oil. I too am a Motor Mechanic with `40 years experience & have never seen this kind of Problem before. Mate, what's hurting me the most is the fact that it's my own Beautiful car!!! A 99 Holden Calais. The engine is a conventional OHV design, with no pressured oil in the head or inlet castings. IE: The only oil under pressure in the top end is via the followers, push rods etc... The oil getting into the cooling system is definitely pressured... About 500ML in 4000Ks. It has me Puzzled!! Thanks & Regards Charlie!