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2005 PT Cruiser. Air Cond not giving cold air. Compressor is working.

Resolved Question:

2005 PT Cruiser. Air Cond not giving cold air. Compressor is working. freon is charged. Gage on a recharge bottle says it is a little over normal. I checked the low pressure switch and shorted the connection on the connector. the low pressure line frosted up. I reconnected the switch connector and the low pressure gets a little start of frost and then thaws. the cycle is fast and short and keeps cycling. the air blowing in the car is cool not cold. sitting in the car with the windows at night, the car is only cool not cold with the temp control all the way up and the fan on medium speed. Any idea on what I can check or what is wrong? Thanks.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Auto Chill replied 9 years ago.

Hi , welcom to justanswer, Ok , we need to check that the electric fans are turning on when the compressore is running. could you please tell me where the switch is that you are putting the link across. When you put the link in the switch , does it get cold inside .


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Auto Chill's Post: Good Morning,
   The Switch I shorted is the one on the canister on the firewall side of the engine. On the Fan coming on, is that the car's regular radiator fan? When should it come on? I will have to check.
Expert:  Auto Chill replied 9 years ago.

Hi , do you mean no fan coming on. yes it is the engine fans. they should come on as soon as the a/c compressor is running. If they are not , try and spray abit of water into the condensor (in front of radiator) this will not make the fans come on , i just want to see if compressor runs without cutting in and out every 2 seconds.

let me know .


Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Auto Chill's Post: Hi Jeff,
The fan does not seem to be working. I ran water on the coil but the compressor still cycled quickly. Any other ideas?

Expert:  Auto Chill replied 9 years ago.

Hi , if you added a charge to the system without the fans in working condition , there is a good chance that the system is now overcharged. you will need to have the fans checked by an auto electrician , they are module controled . they will then need to place a full set of gauges on the A/C system and check pressures.

the fans are there and run when the a/c is on . they are two speed so when the pressure gets abit to high , they kick in full speed.

dont try and jump the switch and run the a/c. without the fans , you will distroy the compressor.

please click on the accept button , if you need more help . i will opt out and another expert may be able to offer you help.


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