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94 ford escort: wont start..cables..relay under hood click..jumping

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94 ford escort wont start ,cables cleaned,new starter. when the key is turned to start i can hear relay under hood click. i can start the car by jumping termanals on the starter.I have also jumpered the clutch switch.



You should be able to trace this concern with a 12Volt test light.

Make certain the test lamp lights when the clamp end of the test lamp is grounded and you probe both terminals of your clutch switch. These should be a Black wire with a Dark Blue Tracer and the other terminal should have a wire going to it that is Black with a Red Tracer.

If both terminals at the Clutch Switch have power when you test them by pressing in on the clutch pedal and turning the ignition switch to start, then you need to move under the hood.

I'm loading a schematic right now that shows the Black Wire with the Red Tracer because that is the wire you need to find so that you can begin to trace it down to the small terminal at your starter. This Black/Red breaks off and heads into the Engine Compartment Fuse Box and controls the Cooling Fan Relay That is the relay you may be hearing "Click" when you turn the key to START.




The cooling fan power relay is located on top of the LH front wheel well, in engine copartment fuse box. If this is the relay you hear clicking when you try to start, then you have power out under the hood from the Clutch Switch when the key is turned to start.

So you have a Black Wire with a Red Tracer that goes from the Clutch Switch down to the starter small terminal. Listed in Schematic as C121. Now if you are getting signal to the cooling fan relay when you turn the key to start, and you are not getting a signal to the small terminal at the starter, then there is an open circuit in the Black and Red wire somewhere going down to the starter.

Sometimes wires can actually be absolutely burried and it is nearly impossible to find the actual open circuit. In this case, you may want to just as a test.

Run a wire from your clutch switch down to the small terminal at the starter.This would tell you if you have an open circuit in the Black/R wire. Just tap into the Black/R wire at the clutch switch. Then you have found your open circuit.

So have some fun and do the checkout I suggest.

Take Care


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