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Saturn: floor to shift fluid leaking all..flex..50 miles..highway

Resolved Question:

1998 2 door Saturn engine 75, 00o miles and transmission seems to have suddenly gone out - cluth flat on floor to shift fluid leaking all over onto fkex pipe..... JUSt had exhaust pipes from flex back replaced and no previous problem - got 50 miles and failure of what seems to be transmission... any thoughts - mechanic to look at car next week - undrivable at this time - stuck on highway!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Mike V. replied 9 years ago.
Hi there!If you are leaking fluid it is either the line or slave cylininder.This is not a full blow transmission failure and will likely be fairly inexpensive.It has more to do with the clutch then the transmission.It is possible the line was cut by accident by the muffler shop but not real likley.If it was the trans shop should be able to tell you.Hope this helps!Thanks
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to carguy1's Post: How would the car "act", when driving it, if it were a full blown transmission blow out? Does it make sense that the fluid would be leaking onto the flex pipe and the clutch pedal go to the floor?? At repair shop mercy at this point...
Expert:  Mike V. replied 9 years ago.

With the clutch pedal going to the floor it indicates the hydrolic line from the clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder has a hole in it.When you push the clutch pedal on a car this new it operates like the brake pedal.If you had a hole in a brake line when you hit the brakes the pedal will travel to the floor.If you entire transmission were shot you would hear all kinds of noise and it would not affect the clutch pedal.Here is a picture of the basic clutch setup in your car.

See Figures 1 and 2

Click image to see an enlarged viewFig. 1: Bleeding the hydraulic clutch at the clutch damper Click image to see an enlarged view