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My sunroof drain holes are clogged, I was told that they ...

Customer Question

My sunroof drain holes are clogged, I was told that they drain into the front wheelwell... but I can''t find them, so can you tell me where they are located?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Scott K replied 9 years ago.


Welcome to Just Answer,

I didn't see any car information but this works on most applications, If you open the sunroof and at each front corner there is the drain hole these typically lead through the roof and down through each A pillar (metal posts on each side of the windshield) and down into the wheel well, Normally light to moderate compressed air into each drain hole at the corner of the sunroof clears them.

The pic below is from a cavalier sunroof typical of most sunroofs

Object Number: 280691  Size: SH


Expert:  Scott K replied 9 years ago.

After I posted I seen your car info.

Here is the procedure for cleaning the drains on your car from the service manual you have 4 drains one at each corner.

Sunroof Drain Channel Inspection and Cleaning

A drain trough encircles the sliding panel and leads to the drain hoses. The drain hoses are at each corner of the housing. The 2 front drain hoses route down the windshield pillars. The 2 rear drain hoses route down the rear sail and the quarter panels.

If you encounter a wet headliner or other water leaks, inspect the following areas for the source of the leak:

The quarter windows
The windshield
The rear window

Verify that the drainage system is not plugged or restricted.

  1. Using a 1 pint container, pour water into the drain trough with the sunroof open.
  2. Inspect for water drainage through the holes.
  3. If the water flow is restricted, use compressed air in order to clear the drain system. Do not blow the drain hose away from the housing drain spout.
  4. Retest the system.

If water drips from the headliner above the door or the quarter window, lower the headliner as required in order to inspect for a proper drain tube connection. If necessary, re-tighten the drain tube clamps onto the housing at the drain spout.

front tube

Object Number: 258852  Size: SH

Rear tube

Object Number: 258856  Size: SH

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Ok, the diagrams verify that the drain do exit into the wheelwell. Do you have any directions as to how to locate them? I have removed the plastice shroud around the front wheel and I still don't see the drain pipe... any ideas?
Expert:  Scott K replied 9 years ago.
The spout exits the fender well and is made into the body.