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Diagram of the distributor cap/firing order of a 345 international?

Customer Question

do you have a diagram of the distributor cap/firing order of a 345 international?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  tow440 replied 9 years ago.
The following is a procedure for installing ALL spark plug wires onto an IHC V8 from scratch, when the engine is in an unknown position.

1) Remove the spark plug from the #8 cylinder. This is the rearmost cylinder on the passenger side.

2) Have a friend rotate the engine (using a 15/16" socket on the crankshaft pulley bolt).

3) Place your thumb over the now-empty spark plug hole as you observe the timing mark on the balancer. AS THE MARK APPROACHES TOP DEAD CENTER (TDC), you may or may not observe pressure building under your thumb.

If you DO observe pressure, the cylinder is on the compression stroke, and you should stop the engine with the timing mark at about 5 degrees BEFORE TDC.

If you DO NOT observe pressure under your thumb, it's because the cylinder is on the exhaust stroke, and the exhaust valve is open. Rotate the crankshaft one entire additional turn, until the timing mark again approaches TDC. You should feel pressure now.

4) Now that you've verified that the timing cylinder is on its compression stroke, and you've set the crankshaft to 5 degrees BTDC, identify the distributor cap TERMINAL at which the distributor ROTOR is currently pointing. Rotate the distributor slightly (as if you were adjusting timing) if necessary to get the rotor pointing DIRECTLY at any given terminal.

5) Attach the #8 spark plug wire to the terminal identified in Step 4. Continue attaching plug wires to terminals in a CLOCKWISE direction around the distributor cap, following this firing order:


Hope this helps!