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Cost to adjust carburetor

Customer Question

I have a Holley Carb for a 302 that needs to be adjusted. What is the average price for someone to adust one? or can i do it my self?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  John replied 9 years ago.
The costs to adjust a carburetor varies greatly. I don't know what the labor rates are where you live, but around here they are around 74.00 an hour. The thing to keep in mind is you have to have all your you other tune up essentials such as timing and dwell in order to properly adjust your cab.

You didn't state which Holley carb you have, but none of them are very hard to adjust. All you need is some basic tools and info. You also didn't state what you wanted the carb tuned for, i.e. Racing, fuel mileage, drive ability, etc. However, Haynes makes some good reference material to help you learn and do this task on your own.

Owning a car like this Mustang, you are obviously into cars and possibly a motor head such as myself. I have found tuning carbs to be very enjoyable and fun. There are so many possibilities to make the car run better such as jet sizes, accelerator pump sizes and timing idle circuit tuning.

I would recommend getting a manual at your local parts store and spend an afternoon studying and playing with it. There is nothing you can do to it that can't be undone. If a particular adjustment doesn't work, then just reverse it and try again. The key is patience and have fun with it.

Good luck, and welcome to the addicting world of motors.

Thanks for using Just Answer. I will be around if you need further advise.