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1994 buick century, 2.2l, car is not firing, changed the ...

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1994 buick century, 2.2l, car is not firing, changed the ign control modual, and the ecu. iam getting power to the ign modual and the 2 coil packs are good, but it is still not firing, also checked the fuses in the block by the glove box, any suggestions....
Hi More than likley there is no signal from the crankshaft sensor to trigger the ignition module. they are fairly common to fail. you can measure the resistance of the sensor with an ohm meter it should be 800 to 1200 ohms (sensor disconected)

here is what the sensor looks like

check this and let me know how you make out

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
yes i did check the crank position sensor, it checked good but i went a head and replaced it and i checked the new one prior to installing, but it still has no fire, is there a fuse that iam over looking.thanks
how are you checking for spark? do you have access to a noid light to check for injector pulses? did the car die while driving or did it just not start? was anything done to the car before this happened?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
iam checking for spark with a light tester and a multimeter, the car was turned off and then it never cranked back, it was running bad for a few weeks prior. also if iam getting 12 volts on the pink wire that plugs into the ignition modual when the key is turned to the on position, and no fire out of either one of the coil packs it should be a bad ign modual right, because i dont know a 100% if the new ign modual is any good(junk yard part).thanks
I f the crank signal is good to the module and there is power you should have spark, I see you changed the ecm, is it the exact part number and did you check the prom number inside the ecm? I don't have access to my wiring diagrams today.. i work as a fireman toda.. 24 hr shift so i won't be abe to get back to you till tomorow am. sorry..i would put the old ecm back in..

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
what signal should i be getting from the crank sensor, there are only 2 plugs that connect to the ign modual, on plug has a pink and blk wire which is hot and ground, the other plug has only 2 wires in it also, what do those 2 wires do i know they run back to the ecm, i did continuity check, are those two wires for the crk position sensor, if so how do i check them.
the other plug should look like this


I will check the wiring diagram and let you know what wires and where they go

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ok, please let me know thanks
THe black wire in the plug with the orange and white goes to ground on the transaxle stud under the intake, orange and white to the ecm, pink should be 12 volts fused hot in run/start and bulb check positions, black wire also to ground. the crank sensor should have 5 volts on the orange wire.
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