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Roadside Jerry
Roadside Jerry, Auto Mechanic
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infiniti j30: test says..radiator

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thinking of purchasing an infiniti j30 1995 model and while test driving it for about 15mins. it started to overheat. The dealer says that they just replaced the radiator and that it should be only a air bubble that causing it to do that and run out of the car. It''s smoking really bad.

Hello Mr Courtney,the only way that it would be safe to buy this car now, knowing what you know is to let them give you the car, you hold the money and drive it for a month. If it doesn't have any overheating or cooling system problems in that time,it would be pretty safe to pay them. If you pay for it now, then start to have cooling system problems in a week or so, its only going to become a hassle between you and the dealer.I know they probably won't want to do this,but it would be the only way to protect yourself. It could have been an air pocket,or a thermostat,but it could have overheated before and have a blown head gasket or worse. Parts and repairs to that car are expensive,so please be careful.I hope this will help you to make a good decision,Jerry.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Roadside Jerry's Post: Dealer says that radiator that was replaced wasn't new. It was purchased from the junkyard. Says that it was a recirculation problem after installing used part. Hose on top was hot and the hose on the bottom was cold. Dealer says they will put another radiator in it. Should this cause concern since they are so willing to do this yet again in such a short time span? Or is this common for this type of repair? Please help???
It could be a clogged radiator,but there must have been a problem with the original radiator. You don't know if the engine has been severely overheated by the previous owner. Since they could purchase a new radiator for less them 200.00, it makes no sense that they are installing used parts. If you buy the car,and after you drive it for a few weeks,and possibly find out it needs something like head gasket,it could be trouble. I don't think they are going to want to make good for repairs that can cost a minimum of 800.00 .Sorry I sound so distrustful ,but I have dealt with used car dealers many times, and unless he was my brother,I would be wary.
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