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Buick Century: ground for my turn signals/

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Just a quick question. What are the common ground locations for an 02 Buick Century? I am fairly certain the ground for my turn signals/horn/cruise is bad but I am having difficulty locating it.
HelloCustomer the ground locations are listed below. If you need more help let me know.


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thank you SO MUCH. My car was in a front end collision. The body shop put it back together, but the Cruise wasn't working. I brought it back to them and they got the cruise to work intermittently, and I was supposed to bring it back tomorrow for further diagnosis. Well now my horn won't work, when I turn on my turn signals my low coolant light flashes, the turn signal indicators come on with the headlights, and the turn signals do not work reliably. All these items are on a common ground I believe (201 I think) I just couldn't find all the ground spots and the local NAPA didn't have the Chilton guide for this car. I am going to clean and tighten the grounds and hope that fixes my problem. Honestly the body shop did a good job with the body/paint but they seemed pretty clueless about the cruise control problem.
Electrical problems can be a nightmare especially if they are not familiar with them. If you have any trouble finding these point let me know. Also if this does not fix your problem I can help you furhter.