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Voyager: my parents gravel driveway and wont start again..bumpy

Customer Question

Hi, i have a 1997 plymouth voyager and it died while driving into my parents gravel driveway and wont start again. the driveway is a little bumpy but not bad. Does anyone have any ideas? Please help!!! this is my only work vehicle. it turns over fine and is getting fuel/
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Larry replied 9 years ago.
It's possible the crankshaft position sensor failed, causing a loss of spark.

I'd check for spark, and if there is none I'd replace the crank sensor to see if that restores the spark. The sensor is located at the back of the engine near the transaxle housing.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Larry's Post: it does have spark! i forgot to say that haha sorry Larry. What else do you think it could be??
Expert:  Larry replied 9 years ago.
Try this; get a can of aerosol starting fluid and spray some into the throttle or air intake. Then crank the engine and see if it starts. If it fires up for a few seconds, then dies, the engine has good spark and compression but is not getting enough fuel.

The fuel pump may not be delivering enough pressure to the injectors. The spec calls for 49 psi with the key on and engine off. You have to check it with a gauge, because if it is low the engine won't start.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
hey again Larry! crankshaft position sensor is fine and im getting fuel to the injectors. what next?
Expert:  Larry replied 9 years ago.
Just because there is fuel to the injectors doesn't mean there is enough pressure to create the rightr air/fuel mixture. You need to check it with a gauge.

Or, try the aerosol starting fluid to see what happens.

If it does not start, there may be a spark timing problem -- or possibly no compression due to a broken timing chain.

If it does start and then dies, the injectors are not getting enough fuel pressure. The problem could be a plugged filter, leaky fuel pressure regulator or weak fuel pump.

My guess is that the fuel pump isn't generating enough pressure. Fuel pum failures are a common problem on Chrysler minivans, especially 10 year old vans.

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