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Hanz Engine
Hanz Engine, Automotive Machine Shop Owner
Category: Car
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Experience:  ASE Master Machinist, Block Specialist, Cylinder Head Specialist, Parts Specialist
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Whirring sound..engine compartment that increases with RPM...Park

Customer Question

Whirring sound from engine compartment that increases with RPM. Car dows not have to be moving - sound is there while in Park or Drive. Seems to be near rear of engine compartment.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Hanz Engine replied 9 years ago.
How about water pump? Take a piece of broomstick or similar, about 2 feet long and carefully rest one end near the water pump, (engine running) and hold your ear to the other end. If it is the water pump going bad you will hear a magnified bearing grinding noise. Also grab the water pump pulley *with engine off* and see if you can wiggle it.

If after this you don't feel that its the water pump, you can also use the broomstick to poke around other places and listen, possible a belt idler bearing.

Hope this helps, if so please ACCEPT this answer, if it doesn't help let me know and I will give others a try. Thanks- Hanz
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Hanz Engine's Post: I'll give this a try in the morning light. Thanks
Expert:  Hanz Engine replied 9 years ago.
Ok let me know- and now that I think of it the timing belt *might* drive your water pump on that one, meaning that it could be hidden, but if you get near iteven on the engine block believe me you will hear the grinding or 'ball bearing' sound, if its bad. Hanz
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Hanz Engine's Post: I will go ahead and accept as I think this is a tough one but here is what I tried:
I used a piece of 1" pvc pipe and listened everywhere. I was right down on the alternator, idler pulley and near on of the belt pulleys. I sprayed wd40 around the belts. I pushed down on the idler and the alternator while running. I listened near the fan. I'm not sure where the water pump is but assume it has a pulley on it. The whirring does not seem to come from there.

It "seems" to come from the rear upper part of engine but the listening does not pinpoint. Turning the AC off (I'm in SW FLA) has no impact on the whirring but does alloy you to hear it better.

The car drives fine, idles smooth, steering is fine, etc. May I assume that this may just get worse over a bit of time and then become more apparent as to what it is? Can I try this or should I take it in?

Thanks [email protected]
Expert:  Hanz Engine replied 9 years ago.
Thank you for the accept although you really didn't have to do that as we haven't found the problem yet...

I can't tell you if it will get worse over time as we don't know what the noise is...

Your water pump is driven by the timing chain, so it sounds like that is not the noise. Maybe run it by a shop and have someone listen to it, for peace of mind!

Thanks again, let me know what you find! Hanz