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1997 Ford Explorer: 4WD v8 5.0L Eddie Bauer edition..rough idea

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I''m looking to purchase a 1997 Ford Explorer 4WD V8 5.0L Eddie Bauer edition SUV. The following is a list of things that will need to be replaced soon after purchase. I would like to have a rough idea of the cost of each item, as well as an estimate on what an automotive service center would charge me for labor. I currently live in Minot, ND if my location is needed.    The list of items is as follows:   2 Hood Support Struts, A/C Freon is Low, New Grill, Left Outer Tire Rod, Front Crank Seal, Right Front Axel Seal, Front End Alignment, Transfer Case Output Shaft Seal, Rear Shocks, 4 New Tires (Size P235 75 R15), Brake Pads, Serpentine Belt, Windshield Replacement, Rear Windsheild Wiper Motor. Any help is greatly appreciated, as I would like to use this to determine if purchasing this vehicle at the dealer''s asking price of $2,900 is worth it. Thank you, Elena :-)

The hood struts cost $15-$20.I'd say they take about 1 hour labor. A/C service can vary. My shop charges $29.00 for the A/C check up if no leaks or problems are found then your looking at $100-$150. Alignment is $50-$75. Left outer tie rod .9 labor and about $20-$40 for the part. The front axle seal $14.69 at Napa and about 1.5 labor. Brake pads if rotors can be machined, front, my shop charges 139.99 and rears 159.99. The shocks we charge 69.95 per shock installed. Tires range from about 90 and up so I'd say installed 450. Serpentine belt 69.99 for the belt and 1 hr labor. A windshield installed 250-300 call around prices vary alot. The transfer case seal about 20 labor around 2-3 hrs. Wiper motor for the rear I'd say shop a junk yard, you should find one for 20-40. I'd say 1 hr labor. The grill I would look in the junk yard or aftermarket. Summit racing should have some nice aftermarket grills, I'd say 150 and up. Front crank seal again inexpensive part around 20 but labor can be a killer i'd say 3-4 hrs. I'd say your looking at 10 hrs of labor minimum my shop charges 84 an hour, I know shops on the low side at 72 and high side at 92. The explorers book value in fair condition books around $3820. Good $4835.

Thanks Dale

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