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Trouble with my car accelerating..acts..sputtering..check engine light

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I am having trouble with my car accelerating. It idols fine, but sometimes when pressing on the gas the car acts like it is spitting and sputtering and just will not go. There is no check engine light on. At first I thought I had gotten some bad gas, but I have ran the whole tank of gas out and started fresh, the problem is still occurring. What may be the cause of my car not wanting to accelerate?

The first thing I would do is have fuel pressure checked and make sure the pressure is within specification and that you do not have a fuel pump going bad. It takes more pressure when accelerating than when idleing to feed the engine. Then I would look at the spark plugs, plug wires and fuel filter. The throttle body could also be carboned up causing some of your problem.

If the fuel pressure is okay you can rule out the fuel pump. Then I would say a good tune up should solve your problem. Make sure if you have a shop do the tune up that they clean the throttle body. If you do the tune up I would recommend spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter checked and cleaned or replaced, cleaning the throttle body, checking plug wires, and putting in some fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank.

Cheapest thing to do first would be put fuel injector cleaner in gas tank and try it for a couple days and see if it gets better and if not I would go ahead with the rest.

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