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2000 lincoln ls: runs fine in drive shifting it..gears

Resolved Question:

i have a 2000 lincoln ls V8 3.9 i have replaced all coil packs due to valve cover gasktes leaking,Things were fine for a while now in park or neutral when it hits 3000rpm it skips but runs fine in drive pushing it well past up to 5000 no skip& i have taken it up to 100mph runs fine every other day check engine lite comes on & the code is bad cat effeciency bank 2 also once in a great while temp gauge shoots way up to red msg center says check temp with in 1-2 min it comes back to normal temp but i can hear the fans running at a higher speed at this time i reset the engine lite 2 days later its back but it runs fine in drive shifting it manualy threw the gears never skips only in park ? Please help me dealer told me that its the rev limiter doing its job but i have had this car 3yrs it never skiped before in park
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Shawn replied 9 years ago.


The 3000rpm skip in neutral and park is the rev limiter. If it has never done it before I cannot explain why but your Lincoln does have a rev limiter set at 3000 to protect the engine.

The cat effeciency code is set when the front and rear O2 sensors read too closely together telling the PCM that the cats are not performing their job of reducing emissions due to eithr a clogged cat or a cat that is hollowed out. Basically the rear O2 sensors are tattle tales. Most likely this is a cat starting to plug up on bank 2 which corrosponds to the drivers side cat. A plugged cat could be the result of your occasional overtemp on the display due to a plugged cat raises engine temps. Be sure to check coolant level though. If coolant is down a little in the radiator it can create small air pockets whenever the thermostat opens.






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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
the high temp is a rare thing as soon as it goes high into the red it comes back down with in a min and the car runs great stong never missing a beat or skip so bank 2 is drivers side and only 60,000 miles i only run 93 octane in this car besides replacing all 8 coil packs a month later i had to replace both ball joints and on this car u have to replace the whole a frame i have spent alot money on this car and take great care of it so the answer is def driver side converter can i use a after market 1 frm auto zone ? and if it is getting choaked does that mean il have more power after i replace it and should i do it before any damage is done to the engine just a note there is the same amount of back presure out of each side doesnt seam blocked and it passed state inspection today im confused
Expert:  Shawn replied 9 years ago.

Before replacing any converter, have it checked. This can easily be done by a shop with the use of a back pressure guage and checking pressure before and after the cat. Aftermarket cats can be used so long as they are OBD II compliant. If you are not noticing a performance drop there could be contamination on the rear O2. Another reason to have the cat checked first. If it is blocking it will rob power. Misfires can cause the code also but you said it isn't missing a beat which is why I eliminated that.

As for which side is bank 1 or 2. Bank 1 is the side of the engine with cylinder 1. Bank 2 is the opposite side. Cylinder 1 is on the passengers side of your LS leaving 2 on drivers side.

Sorry for any confusion.