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2001 olds Alero: the sunroof is not closing all of the way..raining

Customer Question

I have a 2001 olds Alero, the sunroof is not closing all of the way. I opened it yesterday for the first time this year and it opens but when closing it stopped about 3 inches short and won''t close. Please help me fix this it''s raining!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  RussMasterTech replied 9 years ago.


If I were you, I'd look closely at the tracks where the sunroof mechanisms slide. Make sure there is no debris and nothing blocking the window. If you've already done so, if the window still functions, try performing the intitialize/teach procedure I found in the service manual. If neither of these works, you will need to get it to a dealer. There may be a problem with the sunroof limit switches, or the motor, or the track.

I hope this works. Stay dryWink

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Sunroof Motor/Actuator Initialization/Teach Process (Existing Motor)

Perform the Initialization/Teach Procedure any time the sunroof motor/actuator is removed from the sunroof.

  1. Ensure that the electrical harness on the headliner is connected to the sunroof.
  2. Press the sunroof switch to the close position until the window stops at the front soft stop in the fully closed position. Release the switch.
  3. Press and hold the switch in the close position for 13 seconds or more. The sunroof will stall at the hard stop and move back slightly to the soft stop position. Release the switch.
  4. Within 6 seconds, press and hold the close switch. After an additional 3 seconds, the sunroof window will move toward the full open position.
  5. Hold the switch until the sunroof window stops at the closed position. Release the switch.
  6. Inspect for proper operation of the sunroof.

Important: The Initialization/Teach Procedure is not complete if any of the following actions take place before the initialization cycle is done:

The sunroof switch is not held in the closed position.
The ignition and/or battery power has been removed.
The glass panel has not reached the closed position.
The Initialization Procedure must be restarted if the procedure is not carried out completely.