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Kia sedona: new radiator fitted about month..cooling system..cap

Resolved Question:

kia sedona, had new radiator fitted about month ago,then heater failed to warm up upon checking water level found it was empty upon checking system found two metal pipes at rear of car were holed ,this is the rear heater flow and return had them replaced now cannot get the car cooling system to run without build up of pressure at expansion tank which is releasing water through cap
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  autodoc_2000 replied 9 years ago.
You more than likely have an air pocket in the rear lines. I just installed these lines on a Sedona a couple of weeks ago. I put a bucket underneath and while it was running removed one of the hoses and left it run until all antifreeze came out of the hose. You have to get the right hose though. You want the one that goes back to the engine compartment so the all the air is purged from the rear system. Once you have all coolant put the hose back on and drive it. You may need to have someone adding antifreeze while you are waiting for the air to be purged out. If the system gets low in antifreeze you will have to do it over again. There is also a tool called vacu flow that puts the cooling system under vacuum and the antifreeze is then sucked into the hoses and engine from the vacuum being present. This tool works very well for making sure non air pockets get into the cooling system.
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