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Experience:  26 year of import auto repair, Owned and operated a Repair shop and Automotive Machine Shop
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Changed turn signal flasher - no change.

Resolved Question:

2000+Mitsubishi+Montero+Sport+turn+sig%2C+hazard+lights+inoperative. Changed turn signal flasher - no change. What next? Also checked both fuses - both good.

Either I've presented a pretty tough question to you or you guys are pretty busy to answer me in over an hour. Maybe some more details and sequence of events are in order to help you:
1. Turn signals just stopped working during a turn. Hazard lights continued working.
2. Checked turn signal fuse. Good.
3. Plugged fuse back in. Left turn signal stayed on constantly in all positions of turn signal lever. Would not stop flashing. Hazards worked.
4. Bought new turn signal flasher and plugged it in. Turn signal flasher stopped flashing but again would not operate at any lever position. Hazard lights stopped working.
5. Checked both turn signal fuse (again)and hazard fuse. Both good. Still no operation of either turn signals or hazard.
6. Can't drive car. Need answer. Thanks!
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  RMillerPhD replied 9 years ago.

You have many options with today’s internet, so thank you for choosing

From your description you may just have a bad switch. BUT you need to test the circuits to see if the power feeds and switch contacts are good or bad. I have upload a wiring diagram for you. NOTE: There is a difference in diagrams as whether you had key less entry. See the top of the page to locate your diagram.

You will need a voltmeter to test the circuits. Once you have review the diagrams and locate the one you need. I will be here to answer your question about the test procedure if you need assistance.



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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to RMillerPhD's Post:

Thank you for the wiring diagram. I can read schematics but do not understand the checkpoints or voltages required. The car is out of town now but will return on Monday(4/14). After further instructions from you at that time, of course I will accept your answer. Thanks!