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87 mazda b2600: timing chain diragram..sprockets need to be set

Customer Question

i need a timing chain diragram for a 87 mazda b2600. i need to know how thw sprockets need to be set to put the chains on.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  GENE replied 9 years ago.
more to follow

Fig. 8: Timing chain and sprocket alignment

If necessary, remove the tensioner and guide.Remove the accessory drive belts.

Remove the fan and shroud.

Remove the water pump pulley.

Unbolt and remove the water pump.

Remove the crankshaft pulley.

Remove the oil pan.

Remove the timing chain cover.

Remove the oil pick-up tube.

Remove and discard the water inlet pipe gasket.

Remove the crankshaft sprocket spacer.

Remove the idler sprocket lockbolt.

Remove chain guide A.

Remove chain guide B.

Remove chain guide C.

Remove the idler sprocket and crankshaft sprocket bolts and pull off the sprockets along with the balancer chain.

Remove the left balance shaft.

Remove the right balance shaft.

Remove the crankshaft timing gear bolt.

Remove the timing chain tensioner.

Pull the timing chain and sprockets off.

Remove the chain guide and lever.

To install:

Install the chain guide and lever. Tighten the chain guide and lever bolts to 69-95 inch lbs. (8-11 Nm). Make sure that the lever moves smoothly.

Fig. 4: Retaining the timing chain adjuster

Install the chain adjuster. Tighten the bolts to 69-95 inch lbs. (8-11 Nm). Move the adjuster sleeve towards the left and install a pin to hold it in place.

Install the timing gear sprocket and chain. With the timing mark on the sprocket at the 6 o'clock position, the white links on the chain should be on either side of the mark.

Fig. 5: Timing chain and camshaft sprocket alignment

Fig. 6: Timing chain and crankshaft sprocket alignment

Install the camshaft sprocket on the camshaft with the timing mark at the 3 o'clock position. The white link should align with the mark. Temporarily secure the chain to the sprocket with a piece of wire.

Install the balance shafts.

Install the crankshaft sprocket.

Install the idler shaft and sprocket.

Set the balance chain on the balance shaft sprocket aligns with the brown link on the chain.

Fig. 7: Balancer chain and shaft sprocket alignment

Install the balancer chain, aligning all the marks as shown.

Install chain guides A and B. Tighten the bolts to 69-95 inch lbs. (8-11 Nm).

Install chain guide C. Tighten the bolt to 69-95 inch lbs. (8-11 Nm).

Torque the idler sprocket lockbolt to 38 ft. lbs. (52 Nm).

Install the spacer.

Loosen chain guide C adjusting bolt.

Push chain guide C with a force of about 10 lb., downward, against the chain, then, pull it back 3.5mm (0.13779 in.) and tighten the bolt to 95 in. lbs. When properly adjusted, there should be about 3mm (0.1181 in.) of slack in the chain at the mid-point of the guide.

If, when applying the downward force on the chain guide, it bottoms against the adjusting bolt, you should replace the balancer chain.

Remove the tensioner adjuster retaining pin.

Install a new water inlet pipe gasket using adhesive sealer.

Install the oil pick-up tube using a new gasket. Tighten the bolts to 95 in. lbs. (11 Nm).

Install the timing chain cover.

Install the camshaft sprocket service cover.

Remove the wire from the camshaft sprocket.

Tighten the oil pick-up brace bolt to 95 inch lbs. (11 Nm).

Install the oil pan.

Install the crankshaft pulley.

Install the water pump.

Install the water pump pulley.

Install the fan and shroud.

Install the accessory drive belts.

Fill the cooling system.

Connect the battery ground.
Expert:  GENE replied 9 years ago.

ok it wont let me copy and paste-so go to repair info on your mazda and it has all the info you need

hope tgis helps