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Civic: carb Exhaust Emission failed...Reading hc 1037ppm What

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Civic 91 1.4l Dual Carb Exhaust Emission failed...Reading HC 1037ppm What possibly wrong?

You will want to check your your converter make sure it's working. From that reading it looks as if it has gone bad. Check to make sure you are getting good spark, you will want to purchase a spark tester (cheap). Check for vaccum leaks. If you have a check engine light you will want to have it scanned to see why it's on. Here are possible problems.

High HC during Driving Test or High Idle Test
- failed catalytic converter

- vacuum leaks

- ignition system malfunction

- faulty computerized engine management system and/or oxygen sensor

- faulty air injection system

- internal engine problem

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Thats great...How can i check the catalytic con.Do i need to go to garage or i can check by my self and how can i know its working.
You can't do it yourself, you need a laser gun that measure heat. Most exhaust shops will perform this test for free. The simply shoot a laser gun at it and it tells them if it's cooling down the exhaust gases or not. They will shoot it before and after the converter, there should be a major difference in the degrees of the exhaust temp.
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