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coils..plug cables, and Im blowing raw fuel out the exhaust..module

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I''ve replaced coils, plugs, plug cables, and I''m blowing raw fuel out the exhaust.   All the plugs are getting carbon on them, except #6, which is clean and has fuel on it when I pull it out.    Ignition module?, vaccuum problem?
Have you checked for spark? You will want to check for spark as this will rule out the ingntion module and other ignition problem (tester is only $6). This problem sounds more like a fuel regulator problem or a faulty injector. Something is dumping too much fuel inside. You can do a fuel pressure test to see how much fuel is getting into the rails. Then you should do a timing check, it could be that the amount of fuel is right however your timing is off and it's causing your fuel to go out unburned.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Adin3's Post: I've checked the spark and it's good for the #6 plug. What's odd is that when I pull all the plugs back out to analize them, 1 through 5 are blackend with carbon and 6 is clean and smells like fuel, as if it's not firing, but there is arc of the plug wire, and the plug is checked good.   Stuck open injector cause this?

A faulty injector will cause this, it can spray too much fuel into the engine cause it to run rich. You will also want to check your timing and compression.

Fouling of the entire set might result from an incorrect heat range spark plug or an over-rich air/fuel mixture caused by a clogged air cleaner filter element, a sticking heat riser valve, or a faulty choke. Fuel injectors that malfunction can also lead to this condition.

Other causes include weak ignition system voltage or an inoperative pre-heating system (carburetor intake air) or poor cylinder compression.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Plug heat range is good, spark is good, don't know that there is a choke in this system, and can't find any reference to a heat riser valve.

compression is good. Is there any way to test test the injector outside the vehicle?
Yes, you can pull them and take them to a machine shop they can test the output on them. If they are clogged they can clean them balance them and blueprint them. Also check your timing.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
How can I adjust the timing? With the other cars I could adjust the distributor, but this just has the coils on a ingnition pack, and I don't see any adjustment options on the throttlebody?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Posibly a short in the injector wire assembly?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Also the timing tab is missing, so there is no way to check the marker with a light. I can't seem to find a replacement tab even at the dealer, or have a diagram of where it would attach if I found one.

That is what i was trying to say about the injector. The injectors however could have gone wrong in two different places. The injector or injectors or the computer.

You can test the wiring and the computer with a noid light, or a test light.
Hook up one of those too the injector connector, and crank the engine, the light should blink.
You could do one of two things with the injectors. The first and best would be pressurize the rail, then fire them by using a battery positive source, and a ground to the other terminal. (these are the terminals on the injector) Then check to see if the F/P pressure drops.
You could just also check the resistance of the injector, or see if you can get to open close off the car by powering it.
Sounds like there are injectors stuck open which could be due to a bad ECU/PCM.

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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
If I disconnected the injector wire from #6, the clean wet plug, and start the engine, and the fuel is still coming out raw from the exhaust, does that almost ensure that #6 injector is stuck open?

Well it could be stock open manually and that would test if it's stuck like that. If you disconnect it and raw fuel is still coming out to it then yes it's open. However you should also check the current to it to make sure that the injector is coming on and off rather then just have power at all times. Also if you do the disconnect check if you get fuel on the spark plug again.

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