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1987 isuzu trooper: 4x4..cond..ran great..(60degree weather) it wont

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i just purchased my 1987 isuzu trooper 4x4 it''s in excellent cond. only 125k miles on it and ran great for first day or two now it takes about 30 minutes to ''warm up'' before i can drive it. (60degree weather) it wont'' idle by itself i have to keep my foot on the gas. and then for the next 30 minutes of driving everytime i come to a stop it dies... i have to restart and then it kind of kicks or jerks during regular driving. it also seems to be overheating extremely easy. and starts ''regurgitating'' /''boiling''/''splattering'' rust colored liquid out the coolant container. it also screeches when i gas it ( like a belt is slipping??) what''s wrong?? i dont'' know much about cars and i''m afraid to take it to a repair shop , for fear they''d take advantage of a female who knows squat about this. help! thank you
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It sounds like you have several things going on here. The most important thing to get fixed at this point is your overheating problem. If you have coolant (I think this is what the rust colored fluid is) leaking from your engine then you need to have it diagnosed and there is no way for me to do that remotely. If you can tell me where the coolant is leaking from then I might be able to narrow it down, but it could be anything from a bad hose to a bad water pump to a bad head gasket.
Probably the best thing for you to do is to take it to a good repair shop. Ask your friends and neighbors (the females especially) who they take their car to for service. When you find a couple places go in person to talk to them about your car. If they make you feel comfortable, then take it there. Make sure they know that you want to know before they do ANYTHING and that you will not pay for unauthorized work. If you have any questions about what they say and you want a second opinion then come back to this site and post what they say and I can tell you if it sounds reasonable or not.
That is what I would do. Unfortunately there are a lot of shops out there that do take advantage of women, but there are some good ones as well, it's just a matter of finding one.

Let me know if you need anything else.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
hi.. the coolant is leaking from the bottom of the front end of my car around the radiator area i think.. i mean it was just gushing out all over my driveway... and it also 'sort of explodes' out of the container where you put the coolant in.. so my whole engine, hood, underneath the car is all covered in this rust colored stuff... i was thinking maybe the radiator is bad? i have no idea if this could even happen but could it be rusted on the inside ( its a 20 yr. old car with original radiator) and the engine sucking the 'rust water' through my engine causing it to perform like this? i hope that doesnt' sound stupid, but the coolant is like neon green and the liquid coming out looks like brownish/reddish/rusty color.
There are a couple of things that could be happening here.
1) If your truck is automatic then it probably has trannsmission fluid going through the radiator. Sometimes the radiator will leak and let transmission fluid into it.
2) You could be right that there is just a lot of rust that is going through your engine. If it seems to be coming from the area near your radiator it could be a leaking radiator or a hose that has come off. If you look under your hood when the car is off and cooled down you should be able to see if all of the hoses are connected. You might want to try this first.
While you are there you might be able to see exactly where the water leak is.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ok... i went out and looked under the hood and under the front of the car... my car is a manual transmission. i could see small drips coming out of the bottom couldnt quite see where they're coming from ,but it looked like a couple areas were dripping but there is also this pan type thing under there (where you could tow somthing) that might be catching the fluid and then it's running off of either side to appear like there is more than one drip. then when i got up i took off the radiator cap and heard this loud suction sound and then the rusty liquid started flowing out the botXXXXX XXXXXke someone turned on the faucet... and i still couldn't tell where it was coming from but it's towards the very front end of the car... and the majority of the 'splatter' is all over the inside left of the hood( if you were sitting in the drivers seat )and the front left driver side tire well area..
OK since your car is a manual that means that the rusty water is not tranny fluid. At this point I would have to say that it is most likely a radiator hose or a water pump leak. From your description it is very hard to tell which is most likely. I think now might be a good time to take it to a repair shop and have them diagnose it. You can let me know what they say and I can tell you if it sounds right or not.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ok cool... thank you soooo much for your help i appreciate it so much... i'd pay you more if i could afford it... but i will definitley come back to this site for future help! you rocked it out... thanks!
It's no problem. I'll wait to see what the shop says. Thanks for the accept, and the feedback.