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96 jeep cherokee: restart..cap rotor..fuel ground wire

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96 jeep cherokee 4.0 auto ran excellant then started to just quit and won''t restart. Changed coil, cap rotor, fuel line checked computer, put in new computer and it didn''t help. Put in new ground wire from battery, cleaned the braided on from fire wall to engine, i''m at my witts end not encluding broke!


There are two things that come to mind the first being a crank sensor, these are fairly comon and we do a lot of them at the shop, if it has failed with out shorting the controller can not see the engine crank and may not set any codes for it

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The next thing is a wiring issue, open the hood and locate the fuel rail follow back towards the fire wall the main harness may have fallen down and be resting on the end of the fuel rail over time this will abrade into the harness causing many different issues, if it is laying on the fuel Rail open up the convoluted tubing and inspect closely the wires will only have insulation rubbed off and be grounding at times if damaged repair, and relocate the harness I normally just lift it up to the other harness on the fire wall and wire tie it in place

I Hope this helps and gets you on your way

If you need more information just let me know

Thank You


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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
I thought it migth be the sensor also, but after i had the jeep towed home to work on it and no codes and it said it passed with no codes, i quit for the night. The next day i checked for gas and spark, and when my wife cranked it over for me to check for spark it fired off on five cyclinders, i put the plug back in and drove it for a day, when i pulled in the drive last night it quit again and i changed the cap rotor and fuel line and it wouldn't start. We pushed it in the garage, and later i gave one more try and it started and ran for about 30 seconds, i think i'm going after the fuel rail as you said! THANKS i have been working this for three weeks.


If the wiring is not damaged, i would most likely replace the crank sensor, from what you are saying it seems like it shuts off when hot and runs when cold, if the sensor shorts inside when hot it can shut down the engine controller and clear it of codes so you may never see it set a code for this, these sensors are a very comon issue on the 4.0L,

if you need anything else just let me know

Sorry I took a little to get back to you, i was at work