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eric, Technician
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I have a 2002 Cummins ISX 450 hp engine..diagrams

Resolved Question:

I have a 2002 Cummins ISX 450 hp engine. I love it. I need a video or diagrams showing the inside of it. It has been recommended that I start the rebuild process when the time comes by replacing the rods and main bearings, and while they are doing that they look up into the engine and see what kind of shape the liners, cylinders, and pistons are in. I need something that shows me these things so that I can communicate and oversee the rebuild of my engine. Can anybody help? Thanks. Phil ([email protected])
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  eric replied 9 years ago.
sorry sir i have no video or a diagram to show you online. when there doing rod + main bearing there looking for cracks and scuffing markson liners. a good liner will be smooth with small criss cross patterns thru out. they probably seen deep scuffing on both sides of the liners which is from bad piston rings and its alread into the pistons. let say your doing at headgasket push the piston back and forth. if you get alot movement the pistons or rings are bad.when they pull the liners take good look at them and u will see. well sir i tried my best to answer you question. if i satisfield your question please press accept, and good luck with that inframe.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to eric's Post: Exactly what is rod bearings and main bearings, as related to the crank?   I've heard doing those 2 referred to "rebuilding the bottom". Do they go into the engine through the bottom? For example removing the oil pan and doing the work from the bottom?
Expert:  eric replied 9 years ago.
no sir. rod bearing are for the rods. its a arm that attachs the piston to the crank. mains are a sleeve used to attach the crank to the engine block. there just rr bottom end bears thats it sir. when they pull the bearing you will see copper streaks of wear. that is accually normal wear. they have to drop the bottom pan to rr rods+ main bears. they can also see the liners+ pistons to inspect.if you need a cylinder pack. whick is a liner and piston assembled together, and ready for install. if they due that then they will go in from the top pulling the head assembly. if i answered your question please press accept. thanks and the isx is a great motor. happy trucking
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