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2006 Mazda: Check Engine Light..evap..egr solenoid was working

Resolved Question:

I have a Check Engine Light on my 2006 Mazda 3. I took it into the shop and they report a OBD Code 455 - Large Evap. Leak and a OBD Code - Engine Running Rich. I shop manager said that the EGR solenoid was working correctly and they could not find any leaks elsewhere. He said take it to the dealer to repair. What do you think the problem is?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Car
Expert:  Derrick replied 9 years ago.

Hi there,

Well it sounds like you could have a stuck open evap purge solenoidor a broken diaphram in your purge solenoid. The evap purge solenoid is the solenoid that purges gasoline vapors into the engine. If it was stuck open it would throw both of those codes, because there is a large leak(into the engine), and it is running rich because gas vapors are just getting sucked into the engine.

I would not go back to that place because, your EGR solenoid hs NOTHING to do with your evap/purge system.

You could either look into replacing your evap purge soleniod, or taking it to the dealer to do a full diagnostic on what is going on with the car.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions!

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