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Replace a serpentine belt on a 96 jeep grand cherokee limited

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how do you replace a serpentine belt on a 96 jep grand cherokee limited
The power steering unit is the pivet point for you engine, Here are the instructions:


  1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
  2. Loosen power steering pump rear mounting bolts, pivot bolt and locknut.
  3. Loosen power steering pump adjusting bolt and remove drive belt.
  4. graphic
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to DoctorD's Post: i dont think that is the diagran of my belt
I'm sorry, the site is slow sometimes at showing your engine details on my end. I assumed you were a 4.0L.
You state you have a 5.4L. Jeep does not make that size. We have a 5.2L in 1997, is this maybe you? or maybe 4X4 1996 5.2L?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
that is not the correct locatiion of my ac, or alternator, the ac is located above the crank and the alt is located where the ac is in your diagram and thereis a tensioner to the left of the alt
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to DoctorD's Post: 4x4 5.2L is right
Your a 5.2L then. Heres the revised instructions for you. Let me know if these don't look right.-sorry about the mix-up.
NOTE: The accessory drive components are operated by a single, crankshaft driven, serpentine drive belt. An automatic belt tensioner is used to maintain correct belt tension at all times.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to check belt tension with a belt tension gauge on vehicles equipped with an automatic belt tensioner.

  1. Attach a socket/wrench to pulley mounting bolt of automatic tensioner.
  2. Rotate tensioner assembly clockwise (as viewed from front) until tension has been relieved from belt.
  3. Remove belt from idler pulley first.
  4. Remove belt from vehicle.
  5. graphic
  6. CAUTION: When installing serpentine accessory drive belt, belt must be routed correctly. If not, engine may overheat due to water pump rotating in wrong direction. Refer to illustration for correct engine belt routing. The correct belt with correct length must be used.

    NOTE: The following belt routing schematics are published from the latest information available at the time of publication. If anything differs between these schematics and the Belt Routing Label, use the schematics on Belt Routing Label. This label is located in the engine compartment.

  7. Position drive belt over all pulleys except idler pulley. This pulley is located between generator and A/C compressor.
  8. Attach a socket/wrench to pulley mounting bolt of automatic tensioner.
  9. Rotate socket/wrench clockwise. Place belt over idler pulley. Let tensioner rotate back-into place. Remove wrench. Be sure belt is properly seated on all pulleys.
  10. Check belt indexing marks. Refer to drive belt tensioner.

Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to DoctorD's Post: is the pulley monut bolt differt then the bolt that is use bto tighten the pulley mounting tensioner
Your going to want to grap the bolt right in front of the idler pulley, the same bolt that you would unscrew to take that pulley off. Just crank it towards the fan to loosen. Know very commonly these tensioners fail and "freeze" up. Which would make the tensioner very difficult to actuate at all, that may be the case if its giving you trouble. This usually causes belt noise too when the tensioner goes bad. When they freeze, I just cut the belt and remove the tensioner and replace. Just one bolt at the tensioner body(swival point). Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to DoctorD's Post: thanks for the help , a got the belt on but i think the idler pulley has gone bad wich is probably the reason why the belt came off any way. i tightened it and after starting the car and turning it off the nut was loose again
Yes, if its doing that , its best to replace it. They are not expensive.

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