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Hog Rider
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2004 Hyundai accent GL: the fuel filter..rear seat..tank

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where is the fuel filter for a 2004 Hyundai accent GL? It is NOT under the rear seat over (or in) the tank, I already checked.
It`s in the Fuel Pump !!!

This article has been updated by techincal service bulletin TSB 06-30-001 dated JANUARY, 2006.

The 2003-2005 Accent Shop Manuals contain incorrect information for the fuel filter location.

Model: 2003-2005 Accent
Affected vehicle production date range:

  • 3 door model: Produced June 6, 2003 - End of 2005MY
  • 4 door model: Produced June 10, 2003 - End of 2005MY
  • For the 2003-2005MY the fuel filter is incorporated into the fuel pump assembly within the fuel tank.
    • Part Number: 31112-25700 (Filter-Fuel Injection Pump).
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
Reply to Hog Rider's Post: But, I was given a Wix 33235 filter for the replacement and this filter seems too big to fit inside the punp assembly that is within the fuel tank, and (2) has an electrical connector which should not belong in the tank (explosion!!).

Do I need a different filter? Or, is the filter I have appropriate?

The part # XXXXX have given you is a Dealer part #

I cannot crossreferance an aftermarket # so i dont know if the parts store has given you the correct one but i know the filter is very small .

and Yes Electrictity is in your gas tank ! and no Kaboom ! They know what their doing ....

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