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95 buick riviera: wont start..the starter is good..ignition switch

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my 95 buick riviera wont start. the battery is good, the starter is good. ive been told its the ignition switch .it has been not starting at times for quite a while now, today not at all. if if i go and lower the column and take it apart what then ? how do i fix it?
Hello,Customer, I need to ask you a couple of questions, does your ignition key have a small pellet or chip in it? Does the starter engage and crank the engine or does it do noting when you go to start position?
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
yes it has a chip in it. the starter does not engage, theres an audible click somewhere in the engine compartment when i turn the key, i dont know where exactly where,
(the starter?) i removed the starter and had it tested,it is working, all the wires are tight etc. when it does(or when it did start) it fires right up.
Ok, your car has a anti-theft system called Pass key 2. The way it works is that pellet in the key is a resistor, the lock cylinder checks this resistor each time you use the key. if it does not recognize the key then it disables the starter as well as fuel injector pulse. This system can be TRICKED and bypassed. there are two very thin small wires coming from the lock cylinder, down the column. Locate these two small wires there colors are white/black stripe and purple/white stripe. you have to cut these wires and on the HARNESS side NOT the column side, wire in a resistor that closely matches the resistance of the pellet in your key. You can take your key to radio shack a get hem to check the resistance of the pellet in your key and get you the closest match, or you can check it yourself with an ohm meter. SOMETIMES its impossible to get a resistor thats close enough, but most of the time if your within 10ohms or so it works. i would suggest checking the key first and making sure you can get a resistor before cutting.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
im not understanding you fully. the key ive been using is no longer working? the chip is wore out?if i cut the wires, i cut them on the harness side not the column side, could you be alittle more specific as to where exactly i cut them? and the next part, you kind of lost me, i understand about the resistance in the the chip but what am i going to change the existing white/black wire and purple / white stripe wire to ones that closely match the resistance of the chip/
graphicThe key is not the problem, most likely it is the lock cylinder, the two small wires are attached to it inside the column, they twist and move every time you turn the key, eventually they break right at the lock cylinder. When you cut the wires you will create two sides, column side being the wires going back up the column, harness side being the wires going under the dash, towards front of the vehicle. You don't change the wires, on the harness side of your cut, take the two wires and strip the insulation from each one separately, this is where the resistor that you buy from radio shack will go, between these two wire ends, this will trick the pass key module into thinking it is seeing the key and allow it to start. You will still have to use your key to turn the ignition, nothing will change there.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
im sorry that i didnt answer last night i didnt reply correctly and didnt know you answered until just now. so, do i still have to lower the column,etc. or do i just find these wires and cut them and put the resistor between them ?also if i dont understand you fully this time can i call you or you call me, im sory for being so thick but its a little difficult for me to under stand the specifics communicating this way and to make matters worse i am a hunt and peck typist.
Thats ok, I'm sorry but i'm not allowed to contact you outside of this site, it's part of the agreement between experts and the Just Answer site. I know its hard to explain things like this over the net!! I think you have the drift though, I'll be clearer this time. You dont have to drop the column to find these wires, just remove the cover under the dash.maybe 3 or 4 7mm screws, remove the plastic cover. Then you can see the wires coming down the column and going into a conector. The wires MAY have an orange cover over them both like a sheath, get under there a look closely I know you can find em!!!! So yes all you have to do is find the wires cut them and put the resistor in as I have described. Dont worry about asking more questions its perfectly OK thats what i do here OK. Good luck. let me know
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
ok thankyou, i think i get it. this will most likely be my last question. you say in your last answer "the wires coming down the column and going into a connector".fine but i cut and place the resitor on the harness side of the connector,right? also my friend asked me today if there was not some other easier way of bypassing the alarm, i told him iwouldnt think there would be anything easier than that but i said i would ask. i am not going to try this tonight cause its lat and i pulled a muscle in my back so ill try tomorrow after work

Think of it like this, your laying under the dash and your looking at the wires to be cut, when you cut the wires you have created two sides, left side goes back up, right side goes down under dash, ok, the right side is the side you will strip the wires on and put the resistor across. This is the ONLY way to bypass these!!! Good luck Cool

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